Hello to the Quadrix team!

I would like to offer you a testimonial on our purchase of the QUADRIX Watts e3.

My wife has been disabled for 6 years following a stroke. Physically she suffers from hemiparesis (paralyzed right side).

After about 4 years, I (we) had personally mourned the loss of many of the activities that made us happy.

No more family outings (all together), no more mountains, no more hikes, no more bike rides, no more little corners of paradise where there is no concrete/bitumen and where the ground is not flat.

Until one day, when a friend told us about a machine she tried in a vacation cottage for PRMs: the Quadrix!

Curious, I go to the website: the product looks great, but the price discourages me a bit. I give up the idea.

Then it all clicked a year later, during a vacation where I went on all the nice little walks with the kids while leaving my wife at the cottage. At 40 years old, we couldn't bring ourselves to continue living like this.

So I decided to meet Loïc for a test of the device. As trying it is adopting it, we ordered the Quadrix Watts e3 right away.

And since then, what a change in life!

My wife has regained her independence. Since she can no longer drive because of a reduced field of vision, she uses the Quadrix whenever the weather permits. For small errands, to go to the movies, to accompany the children to activities. She is no longer systematically dependent on the presence of an assistant at her side to leave the house.

The family has rediscovered the pleasure of going out together. I no longer feel guilty about going out without her. We re-authorize vacation destinations that I had recently given up on.

All this without mentioning the atypical side of the Quadrix which inevitably arouses the curiosity of the people we meet during our outings and which often allows us to make beautiful encounters.

The icing on the cake is that the company that created it is French. Cocorico !!!!

Without any exaggeration, the Quadrix allowed us to find a lot of freedom. The investment is certainly consequent, but what we found is priceless. An eternal thank you to the whole team.

I wish long life to your company. I hope with all my heart that you will manage to get through the current crisis without too much trouble so that many people who need it can get a second wind.