all-terrain wheelchair for people with reduced mobility

Who are we?

The QUADRIX was born in 2006 from the idea of several disabled people who imagined an All Terrain Wheelchair (all terrain wheelchair) that would allow them to practice sports in the mountains.

Under the impetus of Jean-Luc Fumex and Jean-Pierre Lacombe, well known in the cycle industry, the QUADRIX concept was born, followed by the company MONT BLANC MOBILITY.

Jean-Luc Fumex, himself a paraplegic, relies on his network of contacts in the world of disability to develop and test the most suitable products for the public concerned. People with disabilities are in the best position to know their needs, to define them and to validate the chosen solutions.

To offer pleasure, autonomy and accessibility to people with reduced mobility through innovation, quality and customisation.

The employees of MONT BLANC MOBILITY have a vision centred on the users of QUADRIX. Their objectives are to :

  • To design and market sports and leisure products that bring real autonomy and pleasure to their users
  • Offer personalised adaptations according to the specific difficulties of certain clients
  • Extend access to QUADRIX products as far as possible to audiences who would not have imagined being able to benefit from them, thanks to ongoing innovation
  • Keeping abreast of our customers' new needs by maintaining regular contact with the network.

The ultimate goal of this approach is to create quality products and services for the greatest satisfaction of users.

The adventure


An idea was born

During an outing in all-terrain wheelchairs of the time, a team from the Annécien Handisport Club noted: " The pleasure would really be total if we could take the chairlift like seated skiing.

The idea was born!

Jean-Luc Fumex, a member of the team, approached Jean-Pierre Lacombe, a specialist in the field of cycling.

A file was submitted to a professor at Polytech Savoie. The latter had the concept studied by two groups of students in their final mechanical engineering project. Among them was Benoit Sublet, who competes in downhill mountain biking and is now in charge of the engineering department and an associate at Mont Blanc Mobility.


The prototype


The first steel prototype runs on the Semnoz paths.


Test of a chairlift grip at the Lachat du Grand Bornand.


Registration of the "EASY UP" patent, a unique and exclusive concept that allows you to use the chairlifts completely independently.


The Quadrix Hand's


Creation of the company Mont Blanc Mobility by Jean-Luc Fumex, Jean-Pierre Lacombe and Benoit Sublet.


The first aluminium prototype has been manufactured.


Official approval of the Quadrix Hand's by the STRMTG for the use of ski lifts, chair lifts and gondolas (EASY UP concept).


Registration of the QUADRIX® trademark in France and abroad.

Launch of a second downhill QUADRIX, towable by ski lifts or in gondolas, the Quadrix Ibex.


First trophy


First export sales of QUADRIX


First participation in the national exhibition, Autonomic in Lyon


ARTINOV Trophy awarded by the Annecy Chamber of Trades and Crafts

Innovation and Tourism Trophy for Quadrix

Watt's Quadrix


Launch of the first motorised model, the Quadrix Watt's, an all-terrain electric wheelchair for independent hiking



International export of the Quadrix all-terrain wheelchair



Launch of the second motorised model, the Quadrix Axess, completing the range which now covers the whole range of all-terrain wheelchair activities


First participation in the international REHACARE trade fair in Düsseldorf

Organised Quadrix tours

Quadrix Watt's organised tours

First Watt's Quadrix parks at professional tour operators


BREF Rhône-Alpes Innovation Trophy


The Annapurna Tour

The second generation of QUADRIX is born: new chassis, new engine, new batteries

Export deployment


The Samoëns Handi-glisse association is taking four disabled people to make their dream come true with Quadrix Ibex; the team is going on a three-week trek around the Annapurna mountains, at an altitude of more than 5,400m. See the report "The Annapurna in a QUADRIX" broadcast on France 2.

Trek with Quadrix all-terrain chair

The events

Trek in Poland: The ASDA of the Lyon customs organised a ten-day trek in the Carpathians for two disabled people. Once again, the Quadrix took up the challenge without a hitch

Trek in Slovenia: 7 days of effort for a lot of memories. An expedition of 5 PMR to cross Slovenia.

First tests of theAxess Touch: In-house development and testing of a new model with Joystick. We would like to thank the MAAF Foundation for funding this development.

Trek in Nepal and Europe Quadrix

Nepal and Europe

Trek in the Mustang Valley : The Samoëns Handi-glisse association is taking four disabled people for the second time to make their dream come true with Quadrix Ibex; the team is leaving for a 3-week trek in the Mustang Valley, achieving a remarkable feat : 200kms covered and 8000m of ascent !

Tour of Europe in a Watt's Quadrix: Mr Gruffaz rode for 4 months and swallowed almost 12000km for his fabulous challenge. Starting from France and climbing to the symbolic point of the North Cape, he experienced all types of weather, but nothing could stop him from realising his dream.

technical achievement Quadrix all-terrain wheelchair

The year of achievement

First approval of a Quadrix by the social security and the CERAH, theAxess Touch: Opening to a public that we could not answer without the famous Joystick.

World first, Sébastien Pilot realizes the unthinkable, to go down the ETNA with an all-terrain wheelchair. A report was made with France 3 Rhône Alpes. The challenge was taken up without any concern.

The first scientific Tour de France in a Watt's, equipped with electronic sensors, Mr Hamzaoui will have covered more than 3000km in 33 days to collect computer data in order to advance research! A video on the M6 news channel is available.

Export expansion with new dealers in Europe: Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Switzerland.

Quadrix sports outing for people with reduced mobility

10 years of Quadrix service and worldwide exclusivity

Introduction of a special 10-year anniversary series for all our models in the range
This version is unique in its aesthetics but also in the range of options we have offered.

A world first for Quadrix.
The first Quadrix all-terrain wheelchair with chin control! All this was made possible thanks to the collaboration of our partner Cyclone Mobility.

Trek in the Manaslu Valley : The Samoëns Handi-glisse association takes four disabled people for the third time to realise their dream with QUADRIX IBEX

Martine's humanitarian and solidarity Tour de France by bike. 70 years old, 70 stages in 70 days: The project was to buy QUADRIXs for ADIMC74 for the benefit of disabled children. The challenge was met to perfection.


New e3 range

In order to keep evolving, we have developed and marketed the new e3 range. The "e" for evolution and the "3" for the 3rd generation of Quadrix. The chassis has been completely redesigned as well as all our electric motorisation modes.

The Himalayas in Quadrix - 5550m altitude: the aim of this expedition led by Mrs Fatis is to show that disability does not limit. The project raised €5000 for the village of Gonigam to rebuild a school.

Expansion of export business with new dealers in England and Ireland.

quadrix evolution in 2020

Development on the French territory

Despite the global health crisis, several rental structures have been created to promote our Quadrix.

  • Project Still in Brittany
  • My freewheel in the Paris region
  • Servi Nature in the Ain
  • Cap Sport et Nature in the Nantes region
  • Giroud Sports in the Ain
  • APF tech Service 42/43
  • Titan Run in Reunion
  • EVA in Belgium

Export expansion with new resellers in Australia, Sweden and Finland.