nepal trek 2015 quadrix

Trek in Nepal in 2015

nepal trek 2015 quadrix

Hello to all,

This article will be updated regularly with photos and other documents that the Trek team will send us.

We hope to have some nice reports and other testimonies.

Departure from Geneva and arrival in Kathmandu.

trek nepal quadrix

After days without news, here are the latest photos that have just arrived.

quad biking in nepal
nepal trek 2015 quadrix
The start of the trek in the village of Jomesom.
nepal quadrix trek
The adventure went perfectly as planned with breathtaking scenery.

The team returned on Wednesday 25th November, they apologise for the lack of news during the stay but unfortunately the network was not good at all.

To comfort yourself I suggest you watch STADE 2 on France 2 on Sunday 06 December from 5.30pm.

A report by the team will be broadcast on the trip. You should expect some great pictures!

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See you soon!

The Quadrix team